The Ontario Provincial Police Highway Safety Division sent out a recent tweet asking Tesla CEO Elon Musk if the Cybertruck or Model X crossover would make a better police car.

While we don't have any more specific information, it's interesting that the police division even asked the question, and arguably more interesting to read through the replies on Twitter. Sadly, as far as we can tell, Musk hasn't responded publicly.

As you can see from the tweet below via OPP Highway Safety Division (@OPP_HSD), the organization took the time to create images of both the Cybertruck and Model X wearing its official markings. The tweet asks, “Hey @elonmusk can you suggest which model would make a better police car? #Cybertruck or #TeslaX?”


Tesla vehicles are already being used in small numbers by police departments across the globe. This is especially true of the Model S and Model 3. However, while the Model X may be a solid choice as well, it's probably too cost-prohibitive, especially when compared to the Tesla Cybertruck.

The list of reasons the Cybertruck may make a good law enforcement vehicle is long. Just to mention a few, it's reasonably priced, fast, spacious, and tough (this will be even more true once Tesla fixes that bulletproof glass).

If Tesla actually sells these trucks in huge numbers, the Cybertruck's unique exterior may become an issue. If there are droves of Cybertrucks on the road, people may think the cops are following them all the time. Fortunately, the Cybertruck will be able to be heavily customized, much like the image in the tweet, so perhaps this wouldn't really be an issue, at least in daylight.

We'd love to know your opinion. Let us know if you think the Cybertruck or Model X is the better choice. In addition, can you speculate on what Musk's answer would be and why he would choose one over the other? Scroll down and leave us your comments.

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