Porsche has confirmed that a Taycan has caught fire, a fact which had been supposed after images of a burned car in a garage surfaced on Twitter last weekend and were suspected to be Porsche's EV. 

Gallery: One Of The First Porsche Taycan Burns Down In South Florida

UPDATE: We have reformulated the article for a better understanding of the situation.

Check the company’s official statement about the case:

"Porsche confirms that on Sunday (February 16th, 2020), a Taycan was involved in a fire at a residential address in the US. The vehicle and the cause of the incident are currently being examined. We ask for your understanding that we cannot discuss details until the investigation has been completed."

The video above – saved by Teslaincanada.ca – is one of the last pieces of information that are left from the first reports. The tweet that talked about it, from the VWCHARTS profile, was erased, as well as the Twitter account.

The original tweet read like this, according to a Boerse-Online.com forum thread:

"@Porsche Taycan exploded in Florida garage. @Tesla @elonmusk @teslataxisea #taycan #taycanexploded #ev @andrew_gold_?"

Tesla Taxi America, or @teslataxisea, just said, "wow." A N D R E W G O L D, or @andrew_gold_, did not comment, so these profiles did not help a lot when we were investigating the issue. But Google did. Have a look at the search with the original tweet URL.

One Of The First Porsche Taycan Burns Down In South Florida

As you can see, the information that the blaze started midday on February 16 matches the official Porsche statement. Anyway, it brings more information, such as the location of said fire: South Florida. It is intriguing that there is no news about it even on the local press. After all, firefighters must have been called, as well as the police.

Before Porsche officially confirmed the incident, the best piece of evidence we had that it was indeed a Taycan came from another Twitter user, Nafnlaus.

One Of The First Porsche Taycan Burns Down In South Florida

We already mentioned this anonymous profile when it came out with the information that the Model Y had massive cast parts. This time, it has interacted with the VWCHARTS' original tweet to confirm the car was really a Taycan.

One Of The First Porsche Taycan Burns Down In South Florida

In the pictures above, you can see Nafnlaus uses the wheel that appears on the video and some of the body structures to confirm it is really the first EV Porsche produced. The screenshots of his interaction are still on the internet. This is the last tweet he posted about the incident.


Considering Nafnlaus seems to know quite a bit about car bodies and structures, and how well based are his tweets, we already had strong clues that the original tweet was accurate when it mentioned Porsche’s EV, probably one of the very first to reach customer’s hands.

We have asked Porsche to keep us posted on what could have caused the issue, and we'll write a new article as soon as we have all the information we need to understand what happened.

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