There are many people who are into cars who don’t get (or like) this breed of coupe-like SUVs. Vehicles like the BMW X4 and X6, Mercedes-Benz GLC and GLE Coupe or the Tesla Model Y.

However, unlike those cars, you can’t get a regular SUV variant of the Model Y and, if you’re like me, you would have probably preferred it over the current fastback model. Besides, it would not only look more classy and timeless, but it would also have more room for cargo in the back.

Ever since this body style debuted, it’s been the source of debate and controversy. Over the years, though, the car buying public has grown accustomed to seeing this style of vehicle, and while many still can’t stand the look of a BMW X6 or Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, the fact that they exist doesn’t really cause them grief any more.

It’s somewhat strange that Tesla opted to make both the Model X and Model Y coupe SUVs. Now don’t get me wrong - both the X and the Y look pretty good for what they are; Tesla has done a good job creating these vehicles, but I cannot escape the thought that I would have liked their look much more if they were closer to the traditional two-box SUV shape.

I’m not saying Tesla should have only made more traditional looking models; all I’m saying is it should have made both, in order to cater for more buyers’ tastes. As things stand right now, I personally wouldn’t consider buying a Model Y, but if it looked like my rendering, it would be far more enticing for me.

Am I alone, or are there others out there who feel the same way about the Model Y?

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