With all the data for the European market now in, let's see how well plug-in electric car sales progressed last year.

According to the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, some 558,586 new passenger plug-in cars were registered in the European Union plus EFTA (Norway, Switzerland, Iceland) during twelve months (Q1-Q4 2019).

The growth rate of 45.0% year-over-year and an average market share of 3.53% is an outstanding foundation for 2020 - especially taking into consideration that stricter emission requirements will push the sales up even higher this year.

Plug-ins by category:

  • BEVs (including FCVs) – 359,733 (up 80.2%) at 2.28% share
  • PHEV – 198,853 (up 7.1%) at 1.26% share

For comparison, the overall market improved by 1.2% to 15,805,752, while hybrid sales grew even quicker than plug-ins: by 49.5% to 937,440.

New passenger plug-in electric car registrations (ECV) in Europe - 2019 Q1-Q4


New passenger cars by fuel type in the EU - 2019 Q1-Q4


The top six markets by volume in 2019 accounted for some 430,032 or almost 77% of total sales:

  1. Germany – 108,839 (up 60.9%)
  2. Norway – 79,640 (up 9.6%)
  3. UK – 72,834 (up 21.5%)
  4. Netherlands – 66,957 (up 146%)
  5. France – 61,356 (up 34.6%)
  6. Sweden – 40,406 (up 39.4%)

Germany has become the new leader in every category (BEV, PHEV and total), while the most recent sales rush in the Netherlands allowed it to improve to #4 position by volume.

Here is the full report for Q1-Q4 that shows us also the proportion between BEVs and PHEVs in particular markets (comparison of market share in particular countries coming soon):

New registrations of BEVs, PHEVs and FCEVs (negligible number) - 2019 Q1-Q4


New registrations of BEVs and FCEVs (negligible number) - 2019 Q1-Q4


New registrations of PHEVs - 2019 Q1-Q4


* some data estimated

** only countries, for which data are available

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