Well known YouTube content creator Casey Neistat, who sometimes tests new pieces of tech, has revealed an electric Cyberbike inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck and made by Super 73, an ebike manufacturer based in Irvine, California.

What Super 73 did was fabricate a Cybertruck-esque shell to cover most of the bike, since it’s actually a brand new model they aren’t quite ready to show yet while the video was being shot. According to Neistat, the shell is made out of aluminum, and its sole purpose was just to hide the frame and the design of the bike.

In fact, it wasn’t initially intended to ape the look of the Cybertruck, but as they were making it they probably deemed it wise to ride the massive publicity wave created by the Tesla pickup - it was definitely a smart marketing decision.

This bike wasn’t even designed to be especially good to ride, just as a means to attract some attention and have its new model cause a bigger splash than it would otherwise have made. It’s not especially well made, and as Neistat points out, the handlebars rub on the faux side windows and it’s actually a bit difficult to control.

But take a few steps back, and it looks pretty good and quite believable. As he shows in his video, people on the street seem really impressed by it and give it plenty of thumbs up. Some know it’s meant to be a Cyberbike, while others call it a Tron bike and Knight Rider bike, but they appear to really like it.

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