This Tesla Sentry Mode video captures the moment when a Ford F-150 pickup truck backs into a parked Tesla and then the truck driver sees the damage he's done and flees the scene.

Parallel parking a pickup truck isn't easy. It's even harder when there's a big box van (a FedEx delivery van in this instance) parked in the roadway. However, that doesn't excuse this Ford truck driver from his actions.

As you can clearly see in the video, the F-150 truck driver seems to fit the pickup into the tight spot rather well. However, the truck driver then decides to reposition the pickup a bit and, in doing so, backs right into the Tesla.

Had the story ended there it would've just been an accident, but then the truck driver does the unexpected. He exits the pickup truck, looks at the Tesla to see if there's noticeable damage (there is, as you can see at the end of the video), then quickly decides to flee the crash scene.

Luckily, Sentry Mode is active and captures the wreck, the license plate number and even the face of the individual responsible for the wreck. Let's hope he gets caught so he can fess up for the damage he's done.

Video description via Tesla Revolution on YouTube:

This Ford F-150 smashes into the front of a Tesla. Has a look at the damage he caused and then bolts it. This is a clear hit & run. Doesn't he know that Tesla cars are recording at all times via sentry mode?


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