Is the system advanced enough to stop for the running man?

Will a Tesla on automatically react on a public road if a guy runs in front of the moving car? This video captures precisely that.

We've seen staged, controlled tests like this. The ones where a person stands in the road as a Tesla slowly approaches. However, in those instances both the driver of the Tesla and the person in the road are both in on the stunt and, presumably, each are ready to react if the car decides not to stop in time.

This is different. The video seen here is a real-world example in which a person just runs in front of a Tesla Model 3. The Tesla recognizes a person in the road (see screen display at 1:30 in the video). The individual running across the road is far out in front of the Tesla, so no emergency braking or reaction by the car is required. However, had the person been closer to the car, since the system recognized a person in the road, it would've likely brought the Model 3 to a halt.

The video continues by showing just how well the Model 3 performed in other situations where the car stopped itself to avoid either a dummy (it did hit some dummies in controlled tests) or a serious crash, like the one linked below:

Unlike Autopilot, Tesla's automatic emergency braking is there to assist at all times. And, in general, the system works quite well. Much better than the one employed by the Jaguar I-Pace, which scored dead last in an emergency braking test.

Video description via Charging Chats on YouTube:

Guy Runs In Front Of Tesla Model 3 and it's pretty awesome what happens next!!!