Due to an accident on the expressway, a pedestrian is seemingly forced out of his car and crosses several lanes of rather heavy traffic. Tesla Autopilot sees the man and stops the Tesla. Watch video of the event right here.

The Tesla in the video is a Model 3. The driver (James Crutcher) of the car explains that he was trying to change lanes to the left. Therefore, he was checking his left-side blind spot when the man approached from the right. 

So, even though we can clearly see the guy coming from the right and crossing lanes of traffic, Crutcher had no idea the man was there. Luckily, Autopilot stepped in an stopped the car for Crutcher. Just another example of how Autopilot is always on the lookout, even in these odd, unexpected situations.

Crutcher tells InsideEVs the following:

I never saw this guy walking from the right shoulder across three lanes of rush hour traffic. I was looking back to the left and telling Autopilot to change lanes with the turn signal. My Model 3 stopped before I ever saw him walk out in front of me.

Video description via James Crutcher on YouTube:

The Tesla was in Autopilot and avoided this pedestrian, I never saw him until the car stopped Even though in the video you can see him on the right side of the frame coming from the shoulder, my focus was behind me and in my left rearview mirror while Autopilot was changing lanes. I was not using Navigate on Autopilot, just standard AP and I initiated the lane change with the turn signal.

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