One neat feature on the Tesla Model 3 is its ability to park itself. However, as these tests show, the car doesn't always do a very good job at parking. In fact, it seems the Tesla fails to correctly park more often than it succeeds at the task.

Following the first test, the YouTuber was made aware of a couple of mistakes he made while using Tesla's auto parking system. Therefore, he put out another video with some correction. Once again though, the Tesla couldn't quite figure out all of the parking attempts. Here's what he stated of the follow-up video:

I made a couple of mistakes in this video so I have done a follow-up video acknowledging them & trying a few of the tests again. You can watch that here if you're interested. It did park try to park me on a footpath though.

You can watch the follow-up video down below.

Even though far from perfect, Tesla's system for parking itself is quite advanced compared to the competition. See how Tesla's self-parking compares to BMW here. There have even been some instances where the Tesla Model 3 parallel parks itself quite well.

Video descriptions via Jack Massey Welsh on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 AutoPark tried to make me crash! Auto Park is BAD in the UK - Today we wanted to test the Tesla Auto park / self park feature, & we had an absolute nightmare...

Giving Tesla Model 3 AUTOPARK another chance! - it parked me on a footpath? I made a couple of mistakes during my first Tesla Auto Park test so wanted to try again following your advice. Auto park overall worked better, but still did some very strange things. What do you think?

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