It's one of the usual matchups: The Tesla Model 3 versus the BMW 3 Series. However, we're not looking at acceleration or agility here, nor are we assessing the cabin quality or overall fit and finish of these sporty sedans. Instead, this is about semi-autonomous technology.

Tesla is definitely known for its cutting-edge technology, as well as its over-the-air software updates. The company's Autopilot feature is perhaps what gets the most attention. In addition to the self-driving tech that will allow owners to let the car assist with their commute, Tesla vehicles offer a Summon Mode and an AutoPark feature.

While both of the latter systems have been available on other cars in the past, some believe Tesla's technology is just plain better. So, how does the AutoPark on the Tesla Model 3 compare to Parking Assistant and Reversing Assistant on the BMW 330i?

Check out the video to find out. Then, scroll down and let us know your opinions and experiences in the comment section.

Video Description via Good Drive on YouTube:

2019 BMW 330i G20 Parking Assist vs Tesla Model 3 AutoPark Comparison and Reversing Assistant Test

We tested the Parking Assist and the innovative Reversing Assistant features on the brand new BMW 330i (G20) and compared it to the AutoPark on the Tesla Model 3. With the new BMW 330i, BMW has stepped up the game in technology and incorporated a variety of functions to help everyday drivers. The BMW Parking Assist helps with parallel parking, and the Reversing Assistant memorizes the way you drove in for a select distance and backs out the same way. We had some fun with BMW's parking assist on the BMW 330i.

Hope you enjoy the video!

Source: Teslarati

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