2020 has officially arrived. It's arguably the year many electric vehicle fans have been waiting for. This is because several new EVs are supposed to come to market this year, and many of them appear to be quite compelling.

While some people believe this year has the potential to move EV adoption forward significantly, others point to delays, small production goals, and limited availability as likely obstacles.

Our good friend Sean Mitchell has set out to explore every new electric car his schedule allows. Mitchell is an admitted Tesla fan through and through, but his interest in the Silicon Valley automaker has served as a catalyst, which moved him to dive into the industry as a whole. He has test-driven several EVs, interviewed CEOs, visited factories, attended shows and events, etc. 

Now, it's time for Mitchell to share his excitement and perspectives about the healthy list of new electric cars coming to market this year. As usual, he took the time to type out a list with all the most important details, as well as his thoughts. You can check it out in the video description below.

What upcoming EVs are you most excited about? Do you think 2020 will be a major turning point for the segment? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Video Description via Sean Mitchell (All Things EV) on YouTube:

6 EVs I'm excited about in 2020

Ford Mach-E

Range: 210-300 mile

Price point: Starting at $44K

Tech: Sounds promising but way too early to comment Broad appeal Approachable design

Concern: will they be able to make this profitable with a 99 kWh battery for 300 miles

Rivian R1T / R1S

Range: 230-400

Price point: Starting at $69K Tech: Looks to be pretty awesome

Thoughts: Their adventure lifestyle brand Attention to detail (flash light in door, luggage tunnel door that doubles as a seat/step)


Range: 205-340 miles (WLTP)

Price: starting at under $33,000

Tech: Way too soon to tell

Thoughts: For the price it’s very functional for international markets like Europe and China. I’d really love to see them sell this vehicle in the US as an EV around $33K is very appealing

Polestar 2

Range: 250-275 miles WLTP

Price: Starting $45K

Tech: Fully integrated Android Auto with Google Assistant, Google Maps, and Google Play Store

Thoughts: Direct sale model Size should make it very appealing to large EV markets

Tesla Model Y

Range: 230-300 miles

Price: Starting at $39K

Tech: Well, it’s the best in the auto industry right now

It’s not as flashy as the Cybertruck, it’s going to appeal to a very broad market of people - even more than the Model 3, I expect.

Tesla Model S Plaid

Range: 400+ miles

Price: Starting at $100K Tech: Brand new battery pack architecture, BMS, and performance motor for Roadster-like performance.

I’m a big believer in rolling your most expensive, bleeding edge tech out to your cars that have the best margin. A plaid Model S seems to make sense.

Could this be the introduction of Maxwell tech? Production would be low volume enough to allow Tesla a slow ramp up of their own battery tech.

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