According to an email sent to us from new EV outfit Drako, we may have a true Tesla Model S competitor coming to market, but don't hold your breath just yet.

While most legacy automakers are proving they're not going to be quick to launch many new EVs anytime soon, electric car startups are becoming the next big thing. This is exciting, however, only Tesla has proven it can actually succeed at such, and it has been a hard road to get there, to say the least.

We are confident Rivian Automotive will prevail, and there are plenty of other EV startups that show at least some promise, but times may be considerably tough going forward.

We're talking about upcoming companies like Lucid, Fisker, Bollinger, Workhorse, Byton, and the like. This is not to mention OEM-supported automakers like Polestar. Nevertheless, as we've covered Tesla's struggles to become the next and most successful automaker, we know all of the above may struggle, at least initially. Some may even close up shop due to limited interest and minimal deliveries and profit.

This brings us to Drako, a company we've covered a wee bit starting in August 2019. You can check out our previous coverage at the links shown above. Drako is somewhat different from the above startup automakers since they're working on an EV hypercar. Despite its alleged hypercar status, the upcoming automaker says its Drako EV will be able to travel some 250 miles on a single charge. 

Moreover, Drako claims its hyper electric car will prove to be one of the fastest EVs on the market when it eventually surfaces. In fact, the company has already benchmarked it against the Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous+.

Keep in mind, there are many unknown details here, including the Drako EV hypercar's price, production details, and launch date. 

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