According to the Tesla profile at Weibo, the production capability of the Gigafactory 3 is much bigger than we previously anticipated.

Tesla said that the production rate of the Made-in-China (MIC) Model 3 already exceeds 3,000 per week! Previous reports were about 280 cars a day (10-hour shift) or up to roughly 2,000 weekly.

We are not yet entirely sure whether it is the daily rate (burst) extrapolated to a full week or output for seven days.

Moreover, as it turns out, Tesla has already been producing Model 3 Standard Range Plus battery packs locally at the Gigafactory since December!

Here is the original post (in Chinese):


According to the Tesmanian, "This announcement is supported by Senior Official at GF3 Xue Juncheng's statement that 30 percent of MIC Model 3s were made from local supplies from China-based vendors."

Source: Tesla,

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