PS. — short for Piplsay — wondered, "What do Americans think of the Tesla Cybertruck?" In order to come to a reasonable conclusion, the consumer research website polled 21,143 Americans across the country.

Interesting, and perhaps a bit hard to believe — at least by those in our circle — some 56 percent of people surveyed had either never heard of the Tesla Cybertruck or simply haven't actually seen the electric pickup truck concept yet.

That left 44 percent of the ~21,000 to provide additional responses to the survey. Of those respondents, 20 percent actually think the Cybertruck is "cool," while 44 percent are not impressed with it for one reason or another.

All of this comes as no surprise since the Cybertruck has received plenty of mixed reviews from the automotive press, mass media outlets, and even average Joes and Janes on related forums and social media.

PS. points out, much like almost all other outlets that have covered the Cybertruck's launch, that the debut itself didn't play out quite like Tesla CEO Elon Musk may have hoped. With plenty of media mentions related to the Cybertruck's "bulletproof" glass shattering, some folks already had a bad taste in their mouth prior to any other information that has come along.

With all that said, continue to scroll all the way down for a nice clean look at all of the most pertinent results. PS. put together a nice (and entertaining) infographic that spells it all out. We've also included a huge gallery of Tesla Cybertruck images below.

Survey Methodology, according to PS. (PIPLSAY.):  "This survey was conducted nationwide in the US in the month of November 2019. We received 21,214 responses from individuals aged 18 years or older."


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