There has been a lot of press lately about Tesla Autopilot, Smart Summon, and the automaker's eventual Full Self-Driving technology. Honestly, the talk has been going on for years, but just recently, a Senator named Ed Markey has taken Tesla to task about its Autopilot system. In fact, he believes that the company needs to "disable" the technology due to the fact that some people are misusing it.


While it's sad that people choose to misuse any product, companies can only do so much to negate the unsafe activity. Even though there have been a handful of major issues caused by Tesla Autopilot, it's clearly saving the lives of many people on a daily basis.

The video above is just one example of Autopilot's success. Will there be future issues? Of course, there will, as that's the case with any evolving technology. However, the technology's successes will far exceed its failures.

Video Description via #TeslaCam on YouTube:

Cut off by distracted driver! Autopilot swerves/brakes to avoid accident!

Randomly in the middle of the night this car came out and cut off this Tesla and proceeded to drive in the middle of the road. Luckily they were in autopilot and the car avoided an accident. By the end of the incident you can see the driver take over and pass the car in question.

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