There's not too much to say here, except "Wow!" No matter what you think about the Tesla Cybertruck as a whole, there's no mistaking its super-car-like acceleration.

Sure, pickup trucks in the past, perhaps aside from outlier performance beasts like the Ford Raptor, don't really pride themselves so much on acceleration. Yes, power and torque have always been paramount since these trucks need to be able to be hardcore workhorses and tow and haul heavy loads.

However, when it comes to all-electric vehicles, and more specifically, those produced by Tesla, the incredible acceleration is almost inevitable due to these vehicles' large and powerful battery packs, extremely efficient motors, and single-gear setups (i.e. there's no traditional transmission and little to negatively impact all of these factors).

Check out the embedded video below to see the results in action:


We're super curious to know what you think. Is this the beginning of a new era of sought-after electric pickup trucks? Some (if not many) say the Tesla Cybertruck is too polarizing to appeal to the masses, and that's surely a welcome analysis. However, were pickups trucks ever chosen due to their "prettiness?" Moreover, dump trucks, tanks, bulldozers, garbage trucks, delivery truck, tractors, etc. aren't nice to look at, but they definitely serve their purpose.

Function over form right? That's for prospective buyers to decide. Please provide us with your opinions in the comment section below.

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