What does the Cyber Troll think of the Tesla Cybertruck? It's a joke. It's the ugliest car ever made. But since it was revealed by Elon Musk, it'll sell like crazy.

That's the basic gist of the video above, but it goes well beyond just that.

In typical Rich Rebuilds form, there's humor (some of it is quite a bit not suitable for work), trolling, rants and even some very unlikely connections made (like to fried chicken and show and tell at school) but if you manage to find a way to not chuckle throughout this one, then perhaps nothing can make you laugh.

Rich is in rare raw form here and he even suggests this is a non-scripted version (though it's clearly sort of scripted). The video opens with a shot of Doug DeMuro (sort of like this Doug-is-wrong one, but with a higher humor value) and then goes into all sorts of crazy twists and turns. Rich advises you to make sure the kids aren't around for this one, as there's all sorts of inappropriate here.

We'll leave it at that. Watch the video for Rich's hilarious take on the Cybertruck debut, it's potential for success and why he basically likens Musk to God. Yeah, he takes it almost that far.

Video description via Rich Rebuilds on YouTube:

Today we give MY official review on Cybertruck. Fanboys beware.

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