Just the other day, we shared an article stating that the Tesla Cybertruck would be a solid option for government organizations. It's almost a no-brainer to think that the military, lifeguards, armored transport, border patrol, police and fire departments, and the like could benefit greatly from this Tesla. No matter how you feel about its polarizing exterior, it's hard to argue that the truck is not incredibly capable.

The Cybertruck will be able to pull and haul immense loads, tackle off-road situations with ease, and even ford deep water without issue. It can also act as an energy source for other equipment, like power tools or an ATV. To top it off, Tesla's over-the-air software updates, built-in dashcam, Sentry ModeAutopilot, Smart Summon, and Full Self-Driving technology are like icing on the cake. What more could one want in a government or commercial vehicle?



In addition to the above, the Cybertruck is extremely tough due to its stainless steel body, massive size, and shatter-proof glass (Tesla clearly needs to work on the latter). As with most EVs, the Cybertruck should prove cheap to maintain and fuel.




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Video Description via Bob Berdinke on YouTube:

Tesla Cybertruck Border Patrol, CHP, Polizei

Gallery: Tesla Cybertruck: Police, Fire, Lifeguard

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