Sadly, when Tesla CEO Elon Musk takes the stage seemingly unscripted, it's clear that there are going to be features he just fails to mention. This might have been the case with the recent Cybertruck reveal.

Perhaps this is on purpose? Or, maybe he's nervous and trying to remember everything he was supposed to point out? He seems to pause on a regular basis and appears to be searching for the next comment.

We will say that while Musk is clearly extremely intelligent, he's not the best public speaker. In listening to him speak, it's almost as if his brain is spewing out a ton of information, but he can't seem to process it fast enough to let it roll off his tongue eloquently, if at all. Watch any Musk presentation or interview and you may understand where we're coming from here.

Sure, there are some things that the company either doesn't yet know for sure or simply doesn't want to share with us. We've observed this in the past, and the Model Y reveal is a perfect example. However, in the case of the Y, we may assume that Tesla just wasn't quite ready to reveal some details, like showing off the third-row seats.

At any rate, those who attended the Tesla Cybertruck reveal were able to glean some information that Musk didn't share. Check out the very brief video above to learn more. Then, let us know if there's something else you noticed. If you attended the event, we'd love to hear from you. However, even if you've just checked out the many articles and videos, we're confident your attention to detail and opinion may be relevant and worth sharing.

Video Description via Consumer EV on YouTube:

10 Features Elon Musk Left Out About The Tesla CyberTruck

10 + 2 Features Elon Musk Left Out About The Tesla CyberTruck during its unveil. Full review will be up as soon I take delivery!


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