The design of the Tesla Cybertruck is a secret no more. It looks, as you can see, like no other truck ever seen outside a sci-fi movie set. Steel panels are finished "au natural" and wearing a distinctive peaked roof – from the side, it's basically a rectangular box with a triangle sitting on top above the beltline. 

The cab is very forward, with the front glass far down the front in place of a normal hood. Meanwhile, in back, the bed is covered by a sheet of metal that recedes into roofline to expose and give access to the bed. It's really...something. When Musk alluded to it looking like it a vehicle from Blade Runner, he certainly wasn't kidding. 

Check out our gallery below:

Gallery: Tesla Cybertruck Pickup Truck Debut

Design Guess Grade: B+

Prior to the actual reveal of the Cybertruck, we took a shot in the dark at its appearance and wrote: 

This writer imagines it will be bold, black, and blocky: think wingless F117 Nighthawk fighter jet with a hood similar to the teaser image.

It seems like a quite fitting explanation of the design of the finished product, don't you think? 

Below you can read our words on the predicted design in unaltered form. This prediction was published in its entirety prior to the debut of the Cybertruck and remains unchanged today.

What We Predicted And Expected Based On Available Info

If you're like this writer, you hate (and loathe, despise, abhor...I could go on) the rendering at the top of this post. It is, basically, a typical pickup truck you can buy today with the Tesla name emblazoned across the front and a few other touches to help it get by as a placeholder for the real thing.

The Tesla Cybertruck, as it appears it will be called, will not look anything like this. Sure, the full reveal only happens tomorrow night, but even the quickest of glances at the only real teaser image released by the electric automaker informs us the design will be far afield of any pickup truck that has come before. It was first shown at the end of the Model Y reveal event, about a minute into the playing of the credits to the science fiction movie Blade Runner on a screen at the back of the stage.

As befits its probable-official Cybertruck name, this all-electric pickup is likely to blaze a trail into unknown territory. We suspect it will either be seen as a stroke of genius or huge and hilarious misstep. It's hard to see any middle ground. Even if successful, there will no doubt be a large number of naysayers. Maybe even members of the rabidly pro-Tesla crowd will be put off.

As for what we expect to see, our staff is somewhat divided. Some can picture a Mars rover-type contraption, others a radicalized Tesla Semi. This writer imagines it will be bold, black, and blocky: think wingless F117 Nighthawk fighter jet with a hood similar to the teaser image. Certainly, we can see from the reveal event invites that this light stretching across the front will be a key element of the fascia.

Over the past many months, we've featured quite a number of interpretations of what Cybertruck will look like. It's quite possible they're all wrong. Some, though, may have major design elements that are close, though. 

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