Bjorn cold-soaks his Model 3 to demonstrate the effects of a frozen battery

We've come to really appreciate Bjorn Nyland's thorough electric vehicle videos. In this edition, Bjorn lets his Tesla Model 3 sit freezing temperatures for 45 hours, which is more than enough to thoroughly cold-soak the battery pack. 

It's well known that extreme cold and hot temperatures can be problematic for electric vehicles, and some are engineered to perform better than others in these conditions. 

Cold-soaking an EV battery basically means you let it sit in freezing temperatures long enough for the ambient temperature to fully penetrate the dense battery pack, and substantially lower the pack's temperature. 

A cold battery affects many aspects of an electric vehicle. It can reduce the amount of power the propulsion motor gets, limit the amount of regenerative braking the vehicle will have, slow down the charging rate, as well as dramatically reduce the driving range. 

In the above video, Bjorn takes a look at how his Model 3 reacts in these freezing conditions, and as only Bjorn can, explains what he thinks of the results.

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