See the Ford Mustang-inspired electric SUV come to life right before your eyes in this video rendering that takes styling cues from actual Ford teasers.

Recently, Ford teased the upcoming electric SUV and from those teasers comes this new video render. Before viewing the video though, take a look at the highlighted elements in the teaser images below:





So, the focus is then on these three lines found to be part of the headlights. As rendered and sketch artist Joshua Thompson of Drivable Designs tells InsideEVs, the 3 lines are a common element on the Ford teaser. 

Thompson adds:

"I created this drawing based on Ford's recent teaser of the electric SUV and older teaser of what most people think was a Mustang hybrid. But if you look closely at the photo, it appears to be an SUV, not a sports car. Also, on the newest teaser, the lights of the vehicle have 3 lines. Then if you go back to the older teaser, the lights also have 3 lines."

The end result seen in the video at the top of this post and in the image directly below is actually quite a rugged-looking electric SUV. We don't necessarily think Ford's finished product will look quite this aggressive, though we wouldn't be mind if it did.

Mustang render

The tires (width) are way too extreme and some other elements may need a bit of toning down, but all in all, we rather like this vision of the Ford Mustang-inspired electric SUV. Let us know in comments if you feel the same or disagree with our take on this render.

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