Tesla Model 3 is currently offered in two battery options - Standard Range Plus (with entry-level Standard Range option offered outside of the online design studio) and Long Range (including the top of the line Performance version).

The main difference between the SR+/LR versions is the price, range and performance, but here we would like to stop for a second and see the difference in charging power, provided by Dutch fast charging operator Fastned.

Data collected during charging sessions indicate that from a 175 kW charger, Model 3 LR can take up to nearly 150 kW of power, while the SR+ is limited to 100 kW:

Long Range 
The charge speed is up to ~150 kW at our 175 and 350 kW chargers and up to 50 kW at our other chargers.

Standard Range +
The charge speed is up to 100 kW at our 175 and 350 kW chargers. Above 50% the charge speed requested by the car will slowly drop.


The difference is totally understandable as the smaller battery pack simply takes less power (the charging time to a certain state-of-charge should however similar).

Higher power 3rd party CCS chargers (350 kW) are able to provide the LR version with some 190 kW of power, which was already proven at IONITY.

In the U.S., the new V3 Superchargers are able to provide even more - 250 kW of power, but in Europe, V2 Superchargers are rated at 150 kW.

source: Fastned

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