September was another great month for plug-in electric cars in Sweden, where 3,518 new registrations were recorded (up 52% year-over-year).

The market share of 14% is outstanding and close to the all-time record from March (14.7%). 6.5% comes from BEVs alone.

After nine months of 2019, over 27,300 plug-ins were sold at the average market share of 11%.

Plug-in electric car sales in Sweden – September 2019



Best selling models

Volume Tesla deliveries in September enabled the Tesla Model 3 (716 in September) to almost catch and replace the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV (283) in year-to-date sales (3,490 Model 3 vs 3,503).

As usual, the next two places were taken by the two South Korean plug-in hybrids:

But it's worthy to note 197 and #5 for the Tesla Model S and (948 and #10 YTD).

Sweden is one of the not so many markets these days where plug-in hybrids are among the most popular plug-ins:


Source: EV Sales Blog


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