Only a psychiatrist can figure out what's going on here. Or perhaps the police.

We need your help on this one, especially if you are a psychiatrist. Why on Earth would someone try to open a car for more than five minutes without owning it? You will argue that this androgynous human being is a thief. That the goal is stealing something but is it? For so much time? This Ziggy Stardust/Twiggy just stays there, driving lots of attention.

You are more than invited to watch the whole video and try to understand what is going on. After all, you may find some elements that we have just been unable to see. And that happens more often than we would like to admit.

Remember the glass-breaking butt story we published a while ago? Bob Scirpo was the owner of the vandalized Tesla and the first victim of the butt-on-the-screen footage. If it were not for him, we would have never seen the man around his car had a punch in his hand. Nor the shattered flying pieces of glass. It is all very quick.

It is possible that this human being is also trying to open the Tesla door with a concealed tool. We have watched the video several times and did not see anything in the hands that could tell us this was the case.

At times, this Grace Jones/Dajé Barbour wannabe just stays around the Tesla. Or sits on the frunk. Or pretends to look for something, always testing the door handles to see it the magic rituals performed to whatever god helped open the machine or not.   

Although this person can be a man or a woman – we can’t say for sure – there are just three possibilities for this episode. Either the enigmatic character is really abusing drugs, crazy as a loon or just an incredibly stupid criminal. Tell us what is your diagnostic for what you see in the video, doctor. Police officers are also more than welcome to comment. That is probably more to their field of knowledge.

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