Tesla is not only famous for producing only electric cars. Or great vehicles compared to any other in all critical perspectives, such as handling, safety, energy efficiency, and performance. It is also widely known for not spending a cent on advertising. With a legion of fans that tell their friends how good they think Tesla cars are, the company does not feel it is necessary. Some fans even produce impressive ads for the company for free, such as the video above, created by Vivien Hantusch.

The German designer is very active on Twitter. She has quite a large following there and is a declared fan of Tesla. She has even made a very nice video about Tesla’s Master Plan about which we wrote a few months ago.

She shared the safety ad at Twitter last September 21:


At some point, a fan of her work asked if she did not have that video on another platform. She then tells him she would put the ad on her website, Vivien.Space

The page is her online portfolio. She says there that most of her work was selecting the videos and putting them together in less than 45 minutes with the help of iMovie and Tesla’s YouTube channel. For the record, her video was published on Vimeo.

Once again, the video helps us remember some very relevant aspects of the Tesla Model 3. Using NHTSA data, Tesla properly claimed it was the safest car the government entity ever tested even if NHTSA insists it never said that. The truth is it did not have to.

The video also shows Tesla vehicles are among the less involved in crashes, either using Autopilot or without it. Apart from the impressive images of crash-tests from NHTSA, Euro NCAP, and IIHS, it uses this text from the Q2 Tesla Vehicle Safety Report:

“In the 2nd quarter, we registered one accident for every 3.27 million miles driven in which drivers had Autopilot engaged. For those driving without Autopilot but with our active safety features, we registered one accident for every 2.19 million miles driven. For those driving without Autopilot and without our active safety features, we registered one accident for every 1.41 million miles driven. By comparison, NHTSA’s most recent data shows that in the United States there is an automobile crash every 498,000 miles.”

Volvo must be jealous.

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