Some criminals have decided that Tesla vehicles are a top target. This is especially true of the Model 3, which has taken the world by storm in terms of EV sales. However, it seems very weird to us due to Sentry Mode, Pin-To-Drive, and the vehicles' tracking situation that criminals wouldn't follow the news and stray from trying to break into or steal such cars.

Perhaps these crooks assume that Tesla vehicles must belong to the rich and / or famous and could potentially be packed full of expensive "goodies." We've seen people break into a Model 3 to try to get a laptop or phone, etc.

We've also seen people try to break into some Tesla cars and drive away. In fact, some were successful by using a keyfob hack, but the cars are so easily recoverable, due to being always online, that this type of criminal activity is outright crazy for sure.

Yes, someone can and may try to break into your Tesla regardless of the failsafes. Yes, they can and will break your rear quarter window in an attempt to grab some of your items.

However, due to Tesla's diligence in observing and knowing all of this, the results may not be devastating, since there's an almost 100-percent chance they will be caught.

Also, you can put the inexpensive 3M film on the inside of your windows to make the crooks' job harder and to save you from dealing with the mess.

Has your EV been broken into? We'd love to read your comments below.

Video Description via JLenin Window Tint on YouTube:

We broke a Tesla Model 3 Quarter Window!!

We put 3M Security Film to the test. It will make it easier to clean in case it shatters.

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