Go figure how a criminal mind works. Especially one that is not very bright. This is what Johnathan Walton is probably trying to understand – and also thanking – with this almost incredible story on a guy that incriminates himself almost on purpose.

Walton figured out his Model 3 failed to lock when he saw his pair of sunglasses and the charging adapter were missing from the interior of his car on the morning of August 28. Sentry Mode did not manage to register any activity from the bad guys the previous night, but cigarette ashes made him sure someone entered his car without asking.

What Walton did not count on was that a thief – unlike lightning – can strike twice. Or even more, if nothing is done to stop him. The police now have enough elements to put this guy in jail for a while thanks to Sentry Mode.

This video shows the bad guy trying to enter the Model 3 again. And probably to drop some more cigarette ashes on the interior, as he did before. Like the "Wet Bandits" at Home Alone, this is probably his mark.


The "Ash Bandit" acts in Inglewood, California. If you live there, you have probably already seen him. Perhaps eating a donut at Randy’s Donuts. If you know who he is, tell the cops as soon as possible. Unfortunately, Tesla still does not offer a delivery service for the county jail, so it is up to us to stop people like this guy from earning their stolen bread.

Video Description via Johnathan Walton on YouTube:

The previous night on August 27th between the hours of 12:00am and 6:00am, this thief entered my Tesla Model 3 and stole a pair of sunglasses and my charging adapter while dropping cigarette ash on the seat and floor. The Model 3 failed to lock when I walked away from the car and that's how he was able to enter the vehicle. Sentry mode failed to capture a video that night.

The very next night at 3:11am the thief returns with tools, I assume to pry open the glove compartment since he was unable to open the glove compartment. Sentry mode captured him his time.

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