Traffic signs try to make driving more predictable and safer. Disrespecting them can be the cause of awful accidents. People know that by heart. Yet, crashes still happen because of that. The video above is a sad example that common sense can be anything but common.

TeslaCam is now widely known to show real absurds in traffic, mostly with other drivers. We have already seen a hit and run in Paris, brake checks, tire explosions, and all sorts of weird stuff. But it is always shocking when it registers how badly people drive.

The images do not allow us to have any idea of who this delivery truck belongs to or who was driving it. Which is a shame, since the police should have a chat with any of them. The truck does not even seem to have a license plate. Perhaps it is too small for the camera to capture its numbers. Or this a problem of the image quality Tesla cameras can generate. Maybe we have a combination of all these factors.

The truck is entirely white, without any sign that could help us identify any company it works for. We could imagine the truck driver was distracted, but he is not. He blows the red light and stops when he sees the second-generation Acura MDX braking hard not to hit his truck. The Tesla driver had another dashcam filming the whole thing. Check this image:

TeslaCam Shows What Can Happen When A Truck Blows A Red Light

This accident was entirely avoided by the MDX’s driver, who gave us a fine example of defensive driving. With this sort of training, you are always paying attention to what other drivers do. You do not trust they will respect red lights, stop signs, and so forth. Because some don’t, such as the delivery truck driver.

Warning about the dangers is just part of the service TeslaCam does. The other is getting these reckless drivers to be out of the roads for good. People like this delivery truck driver should never have the right to drive anything unless authorities want to play Russian roulette with other people’s lives. One day, he’ll kill someone. It is just a matter of time.

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