It is rare to see a Tesla owner post footage that shows mistakes made by themselves. TeslaCam typically reveals what is wrong with other people,s driving but not this one. It would be a lane-hogging video all the way if it were not for something unusual. Suddenly, a tire thought it was a bomb and exploded in the middle lane. It was in what seems to be an eight-generation Chevy Impala, which was trying to overcome from the right.

No one is doing the right thing in this video apart from the trucks on the right lane. Driving as they were supposed to probably would not have made any difference to what happened in this video. Unless, of course, you consider the take in which everything was shot.

We are not sure about what made the Impala tire explode. Perhaps it was something on the road that we could not see on the video. Perhaps it was just a problem on the tire that decided to reveal itself in the nastier way. Only the insurance company or the highway patrol will be able to tell us what happened.

Anyway, this Tesla should not be in the left lane. It was not overtaking any other car, and the middle path was empty, so the EV could perfectly be there. That would have allowed the Impala to fly by it as it should.

The Chevy driver, on the other hand, should have waited to pass the Tesla on the left lane even if it took a long time. Passing on the right is a cause of multiple accidents for a simple reason: the car on the left has a bad vision of the others approaching on the right.

Instead of a tire blowing up, we could have had a horrible crash. All it took was the EV deciding to go to the right lane – in both senses – exactly when the Impala was overtaking.

The Tesla driver says Autopilot automatically braked and helped save the car from debris or even a more severe crash. The sparks we see are probably from the rim rubbing on the asphalt. We just hope Autopilot prevents lane-hogging in the very near future as well.

Video Description Via TheFastLife On YouTube:

Driving down highway 401 Westbound to London Ontario and a car passes me but its rear tire just shreds and metals pieces fly out. Luckily the driver was able to control it and we avoided it safely, autopilot also applied brakes just in time.

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