Some drivers believe that intimidation is the best policy on highways. This is why they approach zooming fast on the left lane. Or try to overtake from the right lane – in left-hand drive countries. Since it sometimes works, they keep on doing that. Until it doesn’t, like this TeslaCam has filmed in Sunnyvale, California.

The crash occurred last September 10, at 2:12 PM, according to the video description. Call that precise, even if concise. To be very honest, there is no need to describe much, since the video is self-explanatory. On the other hand, we love to write. So we’ll tell you what the video description doesn’t.

At around 10 seconds, you’ll see two white cars approaching the truck very fast. The first one seems to be a Chevrolet Cruze and it is on the left lane with no traffic ahead. The other one is a Chrysler 200, which is tailgating the first car.

All of a sudden, the 200 decides to try to overtake the vehicle ahead on the right lane. If it was not so close to the first car, his driver would probably have seen there was a truck there. And a van on the right lane. Side by side, moving almost at the same speed. 

When the Chrysler’s driver sees there is nowhere to go at such speed, he throws his car back to the left lane. It could have hit the first car on the side, but it was luckily well ahead of the 200. Already totally out of control, the Chrysler hits the concrete barrier on the left.

TeslaCam Shows It Is Not Speed That Kills: It's Stupidity

The crash pushes the FCA sedan towards the middle lane, where the truck is. To avoid another crash, the truck driver pulls to the right. Where the van is.

The van escapes the accident and pulls over. The trucks follows on the right lane. The 200 stops in the middle lane, probably too damaged to move anywhere, with emergency lights activated.

That’s how you produce a perfectly avoidable accident. One that probably hurt the Chrysler 200 driver, who could have killed many for taking highways as substitutes for tracks Unnecessary, reckless, and plain stupid. The fact that the Tesla recorded this nonsense may teach others not to do the same. Hopefully.

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