Tesla just registered another batch of 16,231 Tesla Model 3 VIN numbers, which brings the total for the quarter to 100,899 (compared to 99,445 in Q2) and the cumulative number to 536,788.

As this is the only registration of new VINs in September, after just one in August, it seems that the frequency of VIN registrations stabilized (it was almost daily at peak). Also, the volume is rather stable. Whether it hints at manufacturing stabilization? It's hard to say.

The thing that we can decode from VIN stats is the growing share of International VINs (outside North America) and all-wheel-drive versions.


Tesla Model 3 VIN Registrations - September 18, 2019

  • Total VINs: 536,788
  • Total VINs (AWD): around 242,430 (45%)
  • Total VINs (RWD): around 294,358 (55%)
  • Total VINs (North America): close to 381,000 (71%)
  • Total VINs (International): over 155,700 (29%)
  • Total VINs (International, RHD): around 20,000 (3.7%)
  • Production (by end of June 2019): 291,143 (54% of VINs)
  • Sales (by end of June 2019): 276,353

Source: Model 3 VINs

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