While Volkswagen continues to tout its commitment to EVs — and more specifically, a family of long-range mainstream offerings — it has been taking its time getting there.

The company has talked of producing an inexpensive, entry-level EV, dubbed a "people's car" with a starting price under £18,000 (~$22,000 USD). However, company chief Herbert Diess has made it clear once again that it will be quite a while before that plan goes into action.

Apparently, despite the company's massive size and abundance of resources, VW still hasn't figured out how to make an affordable EV with plenty of range. This doesn't come as too much of a surprise, however, since the global electric vehicle leader — Tesla — has been making EVs for a number of years and still has yet to prove a consistent profit.

Now that Tesla has finally come to market with a more affordable, mass-market electric car — the Model 3 — one would think that profits would be more likely due to the much higher sales volume. Sadly, this is still not the case.

Eventually, VW will bring an affordable, long-range EV to market that is comparable in size to its Polo (pictured above) It will be coined the I.D. 1 or I.D. 2 and be manufactured upon the automaker's new MEB architecture. However, rather than bringing it to market sooner rather than later, and potentially losing money, the company is planning to now wait until 2023, when it feels it can produce and sell the car for a profit.

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