Some people may get the creeps just to think of a Mustang-inspired SUV. Or of an electric Mustang. That would be heresy. Putting both ideas together would be either terrifying or irresistible. And that is precisely what the Mach E will do when it is presented in 2020. While that does not happen, people will see prototypes running, especially around Dearborn. This is what happened with a viewer from the TFLNow YouTube channel. He sent it the footage you can see in the video above.

It shows the prototype of what seems to be a crossover. One that is very low and wide, clearly with sportiness as its main proposition. The vehicle also does not present a visible exhaust outlet. It would be nice to talk to Jean, who has filmed the vehicle, to check if the prototype made any noises, but it probably didn’t.

The Mustang-inspired Electric SUV will probably be called Mach E. Investigating recent trademarks, the automotive press name came along another one, Mach 1, so no one was very sure on which would be chosen. 

Autocar recently talked to Darren Palmer, Ford's Global Product Development Director for Battery Electric Vehicles, and he told the British magazine the car will have the Mach E badge.

Ford Mustang-Inspired SUV Concept

The new vehicle will not be exactly cheap, but it will have a range that is longer than the one offered by the Porsche Taycan. Its buyers will have 373 miles (600 km) of range per charge under the WLTP cycle. For the top version, mind you. The basic one would get 300 mi (484 km). A high-performance derivative is also planned.

Ford has not released many details of the car so far, but it has promised to release a first teaser of the vehicle next November. Will it be terrifying or irresistible? If it confirms the few tech specs we have heard about, we would bet on the second option.

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