Thanks to our friends at Argentina Autoblog, we got to know that Ewan McGregor is involved with EVs. The actor will try to break a continental record with them while filming the television series Long Way Up, a follow-up to Long Way Down and Long Way Round. He will drive or ride vehicles from Ushuaia – Tierra Del Fuego, in Argentina – all the way up to Los Angeles. With a Harley-Davidson LiveWire and two Rivian R1T pickup trucks, which present some design changes compared to the prototypes already present. The E For Electric YouTube channel spotted them and created the video above to share its discoveries with us.

We can say they are welcome changes, even if very subtle. The electric pickup trucks look more round. Aerodynamic improvements could have caused this. Or perhaps it is just the picture’s angles; we can’t tell for sure. Other differences are more comfortable to identify.

One of the most important ones relates to the charging port. E For Electric says it has changed from the left to the right. The good news is that it hasn’t, despite what the picture shows. What we will actually get are two charging ports, one on each side of the R1T, as the image below – also from Argentina Autoblog – clearly presents. Check the contour of the charging port on the front bumper.

Rivian R1T Reveals Design Changes At Tierra Del Fuego Shots

If you think this is something the white R1T has and the grey one doesn’t look again. The picture below shows the white unit also has the left-side charging port. Yes, the production version will have it on both sides, just like the Audi E-Tron.

Rivian R1T Reveals Design Changes At Tierra Del Fuego Shots

It is probably because of the charging ports that the Rivian R1T now has reflectors on the front wheel arches, by the way. The reflectors are another change this prototype has compared to the units already presented to the press.

There are many more, such as the lack of the fixed little window on the back doors. Typically, cars have that to be able to put the window completely down on the door. If it were that wide, it would probably just get halfway.

The picture of the white R1T shows this is not the case. Rivian could suppress the small window with no harm to the window’s movements amplitude.

Rivian R1T White

Check the video for more of the differences, the original article on Argentina Autoblog – in Spanish – and tell us: do you think we are already in front of the production version for the R1T? We would say that it is very likely.

Video Description Via E For Electric on YouTube:

First Rivian electric pickup truck R1T design changes spotted in spied pictures while Rivian is conducting some prototype testing in Argentina. Let's talk about it as I take your questions and comments during the LIVE stream!

Gallery: Rivian R1T Reveals Design Changes At Tierra Del Fuego Shots

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