Many people that love classic cars sometimes see some of them rotting in a junkyard and wonder what they could do to save them and to get a nice ride at the same time. Most of the time that is just a dream, but some manage to do that by converting them to electric cars, as this 1968 Porsche 912 is a – luckily – living example.

Created by Zeletric Motors and EV West, it is a combination of a fast and clean car. With a Tesla Model S P85 and a 32 kWh LG Chem battery pack split into two 16 kWh modules for more lightness and better weight distribution. But the technical details are just part of the fun with this video from The Verge.

They also interviewed Leslie Kendall, the chief historian of the Petersen Automotive Museum. It was a way to raise the discussion on whether classic cars should or should not be converted to electric power.

While it may sound like a good idea – especially with cars that would become rust and nothing else – Kendall raises some interesting points that are worth listening to.

On the other hand, some cities have already banned classic cars from circulating in their streets due to pollution concerns. If some are not converted, they just cannot be driven.

Most of our readers would convert classics to electric without even blinking, but what about the ones that also love car history and EVs? Are reversible EV conversions acceptable? Check the video to see Kendall’s arguments and share your thoughts with us.

Video Description via The Verge on YouTube: 

This 550-horsepower 1968 Porsche 912 is getting all of its power from an unexpected source: the electric motor from a Tesla Model S P85. It was made by two Southern California shops, Zelectric Motors and EV West, which convert old Volkswagens and Porsches into modernized electric cars. It’s a new way to rescue aging vintage cars — though not everyone is happy with the idea.

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