We'd be hard-pressed to find someone better than Brooks from Drag Times to run these tests. This is because he spends a great deal of time at the track, especially with his Tesla Model 3 Performance. Not to mention the Tesla Model S Raven. Brooks clearly has a solid grasp of the 1/4-mile times these cars are capable of.

First of all, we should announce that there are new 1/4-mile records for both Tesla vehicles, with the Model 3 Performance clocking in at 11.45 seconds (we've embedded that video below for your enjoyment) and the Model S Raven recording an impressive 10.51-second run.

In a perfect world, to pull off these times, you should have the car at a full state of charge. Unfortunately, when Brooks set out for his battery testing, he wasn't able to do the first run with a full charge. He ran into some charging issues, so he had to settle for an 80-percent state of charge. Fortunately, we can use the above record as an indicator of how well the Model 3 Performance accelerates in the best conditions.

For comparison, in subsequent tests, Brooks runs the car at 25 percent state of charge and at about 50 percent. The goal here is to see how much the Model 3 Performance degrades — as far as performance is concerned — as the state of charge drops. 

Check out the video for details. Then, scroll down and share your thoughts with us.

Video Description via Drag Times on YouTube:

HOW LOW CAN YOU GO * New 1/4 Mile records for the Tesla Model 3 and Model S & Low Battery Testing

I take my Tesla Model 3 Performance to the drag strip to go for the 1/4 mile record as well as do performance testing at different state of charges to see just how far the performance of the Model 3 degrades as the battery level goes down.


Video Description via ras188GTO on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 World Record 1/4 mile 11.45sec stock weight

Stock Mode 3 Performance Stealth with stock 18” wheels and all season tires. 11.45@117 at Cecil County Dragway in Maryland.

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