While the automotive industry in China is struggling with the slow down of sales, which concerns also some plug-in EV manufacturers, BYD's business blooms.

According to the financial report for the first half of 2019, Chinese plug-in electric vehicle manufacturer increased its:

  • NEV sales by 95% to 145,653
  • revenues by 14.8% to 62.18 billion yuan ($8.78 billion) from 54.15 billion year ago
  • and net profits by 204% to 1.45 billion yuan ($205 million), up from 479.10 million yuan year ago

The profits surge is especially interesting. Overall margins exceed 2%, which is probably a good thing taking into consideration investments in battery manufacturing and new/upgraded models.

We already saw that in July sales decreased as a consequence of lower incentives for NEVs in China, which raises questions about the near-term perspectives.

BYD's conventional vehicle sales decreased 45% to 82,419, so all the growth is related to plug-ins.

Source: Automotive News China

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