A teaser for the long-expected Ford Mustang-inspired crossover will allegedly arrive in November, according to Blue Oval spokesperson speaking to The Detroit Bureau. The model will fall under the new Ford Icons group that will curate models related to historic names like Mustang and Bronco.

Amy Marentic is the director of regional product line management for Ford Icons. "We’re rallying the company around the iconic products," she told The Detroit Bureau. "We have to make sure they’re around for another 55 years."

Mustang Based Electric Crossover Rendering
Another rendering of how the Mustang-inspired crossover might look.

Ford announced plans to launch the electric crossover in January 2018 and promised the vehicle would be available in 2020 at that time. During a later press briefing, the automaker revealed that the model had a Mustang-inspired look. Initially, the plan was to call the vehicle Mach 1, but fans hated the idea of using one of the Mustang's most famous variants as the name for a high-riding EV. An earlier report indicated Ford planned to debut the model this year and have it on sale for the 2021 model year.

Powertrain details about the Mustang-tinged crossover are fairly scant at this point. Rumors suggest Ford would offer the vehicle with two ranges. The basic one would go over 300 miles (484 kilometers), and the other would travel as far as 373 miles (600 kilometers). A high-performance version is also part of the plan, but it's not clear whether or not this is a separate variant to the long-range model. 

There are also rumors of Ford creating combustion-powered versions of another Mustang-inspired crossover. This model is allegedly separate from the EV, and the vehicle would share a platform with the next-gen Explorer.

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