According to a recent report by CNBC, Tesla has started a department with the specific intention of detecting and preventing fraud and abuse within its walls. In addition, the group will help curtail unnecessary waste related to its operations.

Last week, we published an interview with an ex-Tesla employee. There was a great deal of valuable insight in the interview. However, he shared the information below, which goes hand-in-hand with this topic:

“It would not surprise me if there was about 25 percent infiltration from other companies, like Ford, Chevy… That is just there throwing monkey wrenches into it.”

Tesla posted the anti-fraud management position on its careers page back on July 19. It hit LinkedIn just last week. According to the job listing for a “Manager, Financial (Anti-Fraud) Analytics & Investigation”:

“Global Fraud Management is a new team established to promote and foster a culture of ethical behavior and to mitigate fraud, waste, and abuse through prevention, investigation, and remediation. In this role, the ideal candidate would work with key stakeholders to build the global fraud strategy for Tesla and develop a world-class fraud prevention, detection, and response team."

Tesla has been criticized for waste concerns multiple times in the past. In addition, the company is dealing with issues related to potential sabotage and ongoing "whistleblower" situations. Clearly, Tesla's need to hire a chief for this new department and get it off the ground may point to the overall severity of the circumstances and conditions.

Let's hope that this is just another step forward for Tesla as it works to combat adversity and increase success and profitability. What are your thoughts?

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