CHAdeMO Association and the China Electricity Council (CEC) with blessing from Chinese and Japanese governments are working on a new "Ultimate" global fast charging standard with backward compatibility to older CHAdeMO and GB/T.

During the CHAdeMO’s general assembly, the prototype version of the new GB/T – CHAdeMO inlet was presented and according to what we have read, the power output will increase to 900 kW (at 600 A and 1,500 V)*.

"In the exhibition space next to the conference room, the prototype for the new GB/T – CHAdeMO collaboration inlets were exhibited. The connector assembly side could not make it to the general assembly due to the customs issues, but here is a photo of one of the prototype connectors already going through a multitude of tests in China."

UPDATE: CHAdeMO Association Europe contacted us and clarified that the 900 kW of power will be possible at 600 A and 1,500 V (instead of 900 A and 1,000 V shown in the previous brochure).

CHAdeMO - GB/T (ChaoJi) charging
CHAdeMO future
GB/T and CHAdeMO plugs

Besides the alliance with China, CHAdeMO is also working on two other projects:

  • new high-power version of CHAdeMO for heavy-duty vehicles (pantograph-type high-power charging standard with an automatic connecting system)
  • new low-power version of CHAdeMO for small size vehicles including motorcycles and small vehicles (e.g. 5-20kW or DC 20-120V)

"Moreover, the Association submitted an international specification of pantograph-type high-power charging standard with automatic connecting system for large size vehicles, as well as low-power charging standard for small size vehicles including motorcycles and small vehicles to International Electric Committee (IEC) and we are aiming to publish the protocol in 2019. With this, full line-up of CHAdeMO protocol, covering the variety of vehicle electrification needs, will be completed."

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