Nissan announced that the longer-range LEAF e+ version is available to buy throughout Europe as first deliveries are starting now and test drives are conducted for final clients at dealerships.

It's great to hear that the LEAF e+ is entering the European market on time as promised back in January.

According to Nissan, some 8,000 orders were placed for the new e+ version with a 62 kWh battery and WLTP range of 385 km (239 miles). EPA range rating is 364 km (226 miles).

The number of orders isn't very high as Nissan reported more than 3,000 pre-orders within the first month. Whether it's because of the price difference between limited editions of the new and base old LEAF or because of new competition (the biggest stress test might be the Volkswagen ID.3) we're not sure.

The prices in Europe start at:

  • LEAF (40 kWh): €35,400* (≈$39,666)
  • LEAF 3.ZERO (40 kWh): from €39,900* (≈$44,706)
  • LEAF 3.ZERO e+ (62 kWh): €45,000* (≈$50,418)

* Visit your local website for adjusted price in each country.

** 3.ZERO is limited edition of upgraded LEAF available with 40 kWh and 62 kWh battery), which will be followed with regular trim levels, including more affordable ones.

Nissan LEAF e+ specs (vs. LEAF 40 kWh)

  • 62 kWh battery (+55% capacity over 40 kWh, 25% more energy dense lithium-ion cells, similar size)
  • 288 lithium-ion cells (compared to 192 cells)
  • battery limited warranty of 8 years/160,000 km (whichever occurs first) is standard
  • 364 km (226 miles) of expected EPA range (up 50% from 243 km/151 miles)
  • 385 km (239 miles) of WLTP range in Europe (vs. 285 km/177 miles)
  • 458 km (285 miles) of WLTC Japan range in Japan (vs. 322 km/200 miles)
  • 570 km (354 miles) of JC08 range in Japan (vs. 400 km/249 miles)
  • acceleration 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in 6.9 seconds

  • 160 kW electric motor (up from 110 kW) and 250 lb-ft (340 Nm) (vs. 320 Nm in 40 kWh version)
  • 70 kW (100 kW peak) fast charging using CHAdeMO (vs. less than 50 kW)

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More choice than ever for Nissan LEAF customers with new versions now available across Europe

  • LEAF now comes with upgraded technology features, including new NissanConnect connectivity services.
  • LEAF e+ offers customers more power and driving range, with up to 385 km on a single charge
  • 8,000 orders of longer-range LEAF e+ since January release

PARIS, France – The latest versions of the highly successful Nissan LEAF family are now available to buy throughout Europe, including the longer-range LEAF e+, which has already received over 8,000 orders since its reveal in January – building on LEAF’s status as the best-selling EV in Europe last year.

Unveiled in Japan earlier this year, the Nissan LEAF offers customers a raft of technology upgrades, adding even more to the choice and ownership benefits offered by the award-winning EV family. The addition of the flagship LEAF e+ broadens LEAF’s appeal and ownership benefits even further, with deliveries starting now and test drives available for final clients at dealerships.

As the icon of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, LEAF exemplifies Nissan’s Intelligent Integration philosophy with an impressive array of connectivity services. All new LEAF versions come as standard with Nissan’s new NissanConnect infotainment system, with features including Apple CarPlay® and AndroidAuto® allowing for seamless smartphone connectivity. Customers also benefit from an upgraded navigation system, which features TomTom LIVE premium traffic and route optimisation, as well as the inbuilt Online Map Update facility and Chargers Location functionality.

An all-new NissanConnect Services app comes as well with the new LEAF versions. With the app, users can send navigation routes from their smartphone to their car and from their car to their smartphones through the Door-to-Door Navigation facility, enabling an easier transition from navigation, to parking, and to final destination.

The Remote Climate Control functionality, finally gives them the option to preset air conditioning or heating while their LEAF is still plugged to the garage, whilst information and analysis on trips and driving style can also be accessed from their smartphone.

The new LEAF also offers a number of different design options, with a total of 10 body colours and seven two-tone body and roof colour combinations allowing owners to give their LEAF a bold visual presence.

Both solid and metallic body colours are available for the LEAF, with customers having the option of Arctic White and Solid Red in the former category, whilst Black Metallic, Magnetic Red, Gun Metallic, Bronze, Blade Silver, Spring Cloud, Pearl White, and Blue form the metallic choices. The wide range extends to the two-tone options, with Pearl White/Black Metallic, Spring Cloud/Black Metallic, Gun Metallic/Black Metallic, Pearl White/Blue Metallic, Blue Metallic/Black Metallic, and Magnetic Red/Black Metallic available.

Building on the 40 kWh LEAF’s already impressive performance and efficiency, the range-topping LEAF e+ offers even greater all-round driving capability with an upgraded powertrain. The model’s compact 62 kWh battery is both efficient and powerful, with a 25% increase in energy density and 55% boost in energy storage capacity, giving the LEAF e+ a power output of 217 PS and up to 385 km (WLTP) on a combined cycle – on a single charge.

In keeping with the progressive ethos of the e+, the 62 kWh battery’s advanced design incorporates intelligent technology, with its impressive energy density coming from a new battery module design. An innovative laser welding technique on cell joints has reduced the length of the module, whilst a change in the number of lamination layers of the cell allows the module height to be matched to the shape of the vehicle. Alongside the increase in energy density, the battery retains a similar shape and size to the 40 kWh LEAF battery pack, allowing the e+ to retain the LEAF’s interior space and its defined exterior styling.

Finetuned since the launch of the original LEAF in 2011, an internal thermal management system is also installed in every LEAF, ensuring that fast charging performance is optimised for specific driving conditions. The system also ensures that the quality and longevity of the battery is maximised, giving customers peace of mind and high levels of performance.

Featuring multiple innovative driving assistance technologies, the new LEAF champions Nissan’s vision for Intelligent Driving, with the unique e-Pedal available on all LEAFs allowing drivers to start, accelerate and decelerate to a complete stop using only one pedal.

LEAF is also equipped with ProPILOT, an advanced driving feature combining assisted steering, acceleration and braking to help the driver on long commutes and in heavy traffic, both on highways and in single lanes. LEAF is also equipped with ProPILOT Park, which parks the car automatically and with ease. These driver aids are designed to enhance the driver’s safety, comfort and control on the road.

Helen Perry, Head of Electric Vehicles General Manager for Nissan Europe, said “As the original mass-market electric vehicle, the Nissan LEAF has always offered customers an accessible means of enjoying the performance and economical benefits of owning an EV. Now, thanks to each of these new versions, customers have more choice and flexibility in crafting their EV ownership experience than ever before – and we are committed to expanding our class-leading offering to show even more drivers the benefits of going electric.”

The new Nissan LEAF starts from €35,400, while the range-topping LEAF e+ is available from €45,000.* First deliveries of the all-new LEAF are already starting.

* Visit your local website for adjusted price in each country.

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