The cantonal police of St. Gallen in Switzerland introduced a fleet of 13 Hyundai Kona Electric, out of which five serve in patrol colors and the remaining eight ‘civilian’ models will be used for general services.

According to Hyundai, the Kona Electric was the only model that fulfilled the requirements of cantonal police:

  • over 100 kW power - Kona: 150 kW
  • over 400 km range - Kona 449 km (279 miles) WLTP
  • acquisition costs below CHF 50,000 (€44,735 / $49,964) - Kona: from CHF 46,990

"Naturally, the question of whether a 100 per cent electrically-driven vehicle would prove its everyday worth also came under consideration by St. Gallen’s cantonal police. After rigorous testing, the department for vehicle procurement was satisfied that the All-New Kona Electric met the standards required."

"The All-New Kona Electric to be deployed by the cantonal police of St. Gallen will have a range of special features. These include police equipment such as a radio, blue lights and signals. The five patrol vehicles will be available at police stations throughout the canton, while the eight neutral models, which are also fully operational, can be used for general services."

Hanspeter Krüsi, Head of Communications at St. Gallen cantonal police said:

"With the use of electric vehicles, we are fulfilling a cantonal and political mandate, primarily to reduce noise and exhaust emissions. When I see the progress this technology has made, it speaks much more for this purchase. Thanks to more than 100 kW of power, more than 400 km of range, space for five people and significant loading space for equipment, the Kona Electric meets all the requirements for the cantonal police of St. Gallen. Compared to conventional vehicles, the purchase price is set a little higher. However, this is offset by the Kona Electric’s lower maintenance costs and the general upkeep. This means that we are 100 per cent electric and still cost-conscious on the road."

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