We're thrilled that Alex Dykes from Alex on Autos was able to purchase a Tesla Model 3. He's one of the best automotive reviewers out there and had yet to provide any Tesla reviews prior to taking delivery of the car. Now, Dykes is delivering informative content about the Model 3 on a regular basis.

This latest video shows how well a car seat fits in the rear of the Model 3. Dykes is impressed with the car due to its overall combined legroom, not to mention its admirable amount of headroom. He says that you should be able to put a rear-facing child seat behind the drivers' seat. Moreover, you can fit three car seats in the back of the Model 3, which is not a given in the class.

For those who are unaware, rear-facing seats take up more space. In many compact and midsize cars, it's difficult to put the driver's seat in a comfortable position if there's a rear-facing car seat behind it.

Check out the video and share your experiences with us in the comment section.

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We recently published an article about Dykes' Model 3 range findings. If you didn't read it, basically he found that the car doesn't offer as much range as the EPA estimates. This is, of course, if you drive it like a typical person would drive any car. Dykes notes that EPA estimates for gas-powered cars are often generous as well, unless you drive the car gently. Needless to say, he told us that the video "caused quite a bit of stir." 

In order to get a better handle on Model 3 range estimates, Alex on Autos is hoping to collect data from Tesla Model 3 SR+ owners. Please send a picture of your car's range calculation to itsaconspiracy@alexonautos.com. Dykes just asks that the car has at least 500 miles on it.

Video Description via Alex on Autos on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Child Seat Test

Because you asked for it we tested the Model 3 and it come out with flying colors in our child seat test. Thanks to generous legroom and headroom figures you should even be able to put a rear facing child seat behind average adults up front.

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