Not long ago, esteemed automotive reviewer Alex Dykes (Alex on Autos) reported on his first Tesla ever. This is because he actually purchased his own Tesla Model 3. Sadly, Dykes has no plans to keep the car, though he he admitted he loves it in many ways. After a few reviews of the Tesla, Dykes now dives into its real-world range.

According to the EPA, the Model 3 in question has a 240-mile range. However, in Dykes' intensive tests, he was only able to achieve 192 total miles. It's important to note that the weather and temperature did not likely impact the results since spring has sprung at this point.

Check out the video for more detailed information about the Alex on Autos range test. Then, let us know if you own a Model 3. If so, we'd love to know which trim level you have and how much range you get on average. Please share it with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via Alex on Autos via YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Range Test Explained | Your Mileage May Vary

Our "real world range test" has never caused more than a murmur before, but it caused a firestorm (not too surprising) when we reviewing the Model 3 Standard Range Plus. The car's EPA score is 133 MPGe and 240 miles of range... but in our real world test we got a score of 192 miles of range. How does that jibe with the EPA scores? How about Tesla's own range estimating infotainment system? Lets find out what's going on.

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