YouTube channel Tesla Raj was lucky enough to sit down with a very cool new Tesla owner. Eileen just recently took delivery of her Model 3 after decades owning primarily Buick coupes. So Raj wanted to find out just why she made the switch. 

Eileen's previous car (a 1991 Buick Riviera) had been a steady companion for a very long time, but she was having difficulty getting parts. Her initial plan was to replace the car with a 2-door Buick Avista should that concept car ever be brought to production. But with sales of small cars falling, Buick ultimately passed on a production model. 


"Ok I can't get a 2 door. I don't want a foreign car. What does it leave me? I don't want a convertable. (...) The Mustang and the Camaro wasn't for me 'cause I thought I was too old for that and I looked ridiculous." 

Unfortunately, there just are not many 2 door vehicles on the market at all these days. So she was going to have to "settle" for a 4 door. According to Eileen, her son and grandson came over and gave her a pep talk about the perks of EV ownership. Both of them drive a Tesla as well.

"I don't have to get gas, I don't have to change the oil... all these things I don't have to do. Sounds like a good idea! (...) So I said well, I might as well go to the Tesla. 'Cause I'm gonna have to get a 4 door anyway. I keep my car a long time and it's probably gonna be my last car."

While she's not quite ready to say it's the best car she has ever owned (yet), it is officially one of her favorites. "I have to say I love it, I do." 

Be sure to check out the full interview in the video above.

Video Description via Tesla Raj on YouTube:

Eileen is 83 years old and just bought her first electric car: a Tesla Model 3! In this interview she talks about how many years she has driven, all the cars she has had and why she went with a Tesla and why she loves her Tesla. Memorable quotes from Eileen

“I don’t think I would sell my Tesla and go back to a gas car.”

“I love it, I have to say I love it , I do!”

“Its a pleasure to drive.”

“Try’ll like it”

“When you take off you leave everyone behind.”

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