Colorado looks to be the next state to adopt California's stricter zero emissions vehicle standards, but a large group made up of some leading automakers is trying to reverse that course. 

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers sent a letter last week to Governor Jared Polis that pledged to make every EV offered by those companies – such as Ford, General Motors and Volkswagen Group of America – available in Colorado by January 2020, according to Reuters. This followed a meeting earlier in April in which the alliance pushed for voluntary marketing efforts to support EV sales, instead of joining California's mandate. 

Colorado already offers a $5,000 state tax incentive for new EV sales, but Polis wants to align the state's policies with that of California's, along with the likes of New Jersey, New York and Oregon. California is targeting that 8 percent of its new vehicle sales by 2025 would be plug-ins of some kind, according to Reuters, and it's expected those states that have adopted its standards would post similar figures. 

Polis has previously stated that Colorado would formalize its move to adopt the California standards by this month. The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers said in their letter that they appreciated consideration of alternative paths to EV adoption. But it looks relatively clear that Colorado will become one of the states with the most strict emissions and the biggest push behind plug-ins.

Source: Reuters

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