Tesla is just starting another over-the-air update (2019.16) with several additional improvements, which makes the car even better.

According to Electrek, more and more popular and effective Sentry Mode will be easier to manage and the owner will be able to set known secure locations where Sentry Model will be disabled.

"It’s now easier to enable and disable Sentry Mode by tapping the Sentry Mode icon at the top of your touchscreen when your is in Park.

Your car can also default Sentry Mode to always be enabled when your vehicle is parked by going to Controls > Safety & Security > Sentry Mode > ON if selected ON, you can exclude Home, Work and/or Favorite places by selecting the checkboxes. If a location is selected, Sentry Mode will be disabled when your car is parked near those locations."

Other minor improvements are:

Driving Visualization (automatically zoom in and out):

"The driving visualization has been adjusted to automatically zoom in and out to better utilize screen space and inform you when a vehicle is detected in your blind spot. The visualization remains zoomed out when driving on highways."

Software Update Preference to get new updates as soon as possible:

"You now have the option to receive new software updates as soon as they are available for your car configuration and region. Tap Controls > Software > Software Update preference > ADVANCED."


Conditional Speed Limits displayed in parallel to regular speed limit:

"Your vehicle will now display conditional speed limits, such as speed limit based on time of day, weather condition, etc. If there is a conditional speed limit for your current road, it will be displayed in grey below the regular speed limit sign."

Source: Electrek

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