The Hyundai Kona Electric is a new and rare sight in the U.S. because of limited supply. However, after this most recent smash in Shadyside, Pennsylvania, there is now one less battery-powered compact crossover.

According to media reports, two women were driving on Ellsworth Avenue when a tree fell on the Kona Electric - luckily no one was hurt, but the two-week-old car was totaled.

"I see a branch, there’s a branch falling, and then all of a sudden we were trapped,” passenger Maryann Steiner said."

“I felt like a thump, and I just saw, like, the windshield shattering in front of me,” driver Kirsi Jansa said."

There is one more interesting twist when it comes to the trees:

"What makes the story even more bizarre is where the women were headed."

“I was just showing her a brochure that we were gonna show to the people we were gonna meet and it has on top a Dr. Seuss sticker that says ‘I speak for the trees,'” Jansa said.

“She was just showing it to me, and then the tree came to speak to us,” Steiner said."

How's that for your daily dose of weird when it comes to electric cars and trees.

Source: via InsideEVs Forum

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