It's widely believed that relative newcomer Rivian could be the first automaker to truly challenge Tesla. This belief is largely connected to the fact that Rivian, like Tesla, will only produce electric vehicles, which has proven to be advantageous for Tesla.

Enter Rivian

Along comes a new player with a sole focus on battery-powered vehicles. Rivian promises long electric range from each and every one of its offerings, including the R1T and R1S.

Like Tesla, Rivian's plans to eventually offer vehicles in various segments. Unlike Tesla, Rivian is starting with a pickup truck and therein could possibly lie the advantage.

While Tesla is still focused on the Model 3 and on getting the upcoming Model Y into production, Rivian's sole focus right now is on producing the R1T pickup truck. This means it's quite likely the R1T will beat the Tesla truck to the market and that could become quite a problem for Tesla.

Check out the video above for more on why the Rivian R1T could soon become the most important electric vehicle in the world.

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Here's Why The Rivian R1T Pickup Is The Most Important Electric Vehicle of the Year!

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